nana johari

August 24, 2016

#it eats itself: in between

When people say ‘I stop listening/taking you seriously the moment you say the words ‘I don’t think’ or ‘I feel’ etc’ because its implication of lacking in rationality or in intellect, I can’t help from thinking of lost chances.

Because not every word is spoken with its true definition in mind. Sometimes people use a certain word because they find it suitable, or the closest to what they mean; emotionally or intellectually, there's no way to tell. It can be difficult to describe the indescribable, not every thought process is as straight as a ruler; so they use the way they know, the way they can. Grabbing floating words and objects to piece them all together and form a code or an image, in order to describe what inside them— as accurate as possible; sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t, sometimes it looks/sounds worse than the real thing and vice versa. Because sometimes people misunderstood the definitions behind the words they use. That doesn’t even count body language, the nuances of one’s voice.

Sometimes details have to be looked as a whole— for us to get close to the actual message.
The raw message often slips through the crack between two words. It's in the in between.

In the end, we are the one who decides whether it's worth our attention or not, and when. It's a matter of priorities too, perhaps.


  1. Agree.
    Selalunya saya guna perkataan yg biasa saya guna je,
    Saya ni terbiasa berdiam je takde nak luah perasaan ke bagi pendapat ke, so words yg selalu guna tu mmg sikit. Kadang2 dapat words dari meme ke, cerpen ke, iklan tv ke.. Word tu lah yg saya akan guna berulang kali untuk menggambarkan semua benda.
    Kadang2 sendiri rasa confused dgn apa yg sendiri cuba sampaikan ( which is the reason why i usually just keep myself quiet)

    Saya rasa bukan senang untuk saya bercakap bagi org paham,
    Lagi senang menulis sebab boleh rethink as i write, before they could read.
    Sebab diorang pun ada masa untuk rethink apa yg diorng faham before they reply

  2. Honestly, I personally find your situation very relatable! I prefer writing too, for the reasons you mentioned.