nana johari

September 14, 2016

#it eats itself: where's the line

When there's no line, when you don't make one for yourself, the world— they will make one for you. They will take away the stick from your hand and draw it on the ground themselves and say, 'There! That's your line'. And each of them will draw a different one, again and again according to their beliefs, according to their reality, according to them.  

That line?

That single line determines everything. It determines is and isn't, it determines right and wrong, it determines should and shouldn't, it determines can and cannot. It's the rule, it's the space. It's your power, it's also the power that you relinquish. 

The more you give, the more they take, the more they ask. That's how it often happens. One of ways to stand against this flow; they need to be told that there is a line that can't be crossed. If it matters to them, they will respect that. If it doesn't, that might be the time to fight for it or to leave. 

While it's essential to adjust to the world, a line has to be there so you won't lose yourself. A line that tells them to stay the hell away because everything they can take is before the line, but nothing past, as there are things that can be compromised, and there are things that can't.

So, what and where's yours? 

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