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March 22, 2018

Random 3: Thoughts on Jealousy and Anger, and Hair.


I think jealousy stems from perceived territory breached. Or something. Yknow it's when you are in possession of something, or you think you are in possession of something, or you think you deserve to be in possession of that something. It's about territory and perceived threat. 

Envy is more about, wanting what someone else has, without feeling like they are taking something yours, or having something yours. It's more like, I want it too kind of thing.

I really want to elaborate on what emotions/feelings mean, because I did say I would do so. But seriously, I've been feeling distracted and tired a lot lately that's why I haven't posted much.  


Anger is a secondary emotion. If you see someone being angry about something, or when you are angry about something, remember that the anger is the second layer, it's masking something else. Like hurt, disappointment, anxiety, feeling threatened, sensory overload, etc. If you want to really address the anger, understand the first layer.


Please remind me to never have short fringe. Like. Ever.

I went to a salon and feeling adventurous so I chose to have fringe, the front I mean, yknow like what could happen anyway, right? Wrong. Something happened and it's something annoying.

Because my hair is thick af, well tbh it's not that thick it's just?? I don't know how to say it. Ok anyway. Because my hair is sort of thick, my fringe becomes extra thick somehow and it just-

  • My forehead gets sweaty it feels like there's a sauna under my fringe
  • I just feel annoyed by the thickness of it
  • It just doesn't line up properly, some of my fringe get on top of the hair on the side of my face like what are you doing there mister??
  • I look like a messy child WHich is nOT the look I wanted to go for.

I ended up tying up my front hair like a child what kpop idols always do to look cute but this is nOT because I want to look cute (maybe) but because my fringe just reminds me of my issue. 

I think the silver lining (lmao) in this whole mess is that I have an idea what kind of hairstyle fits me better. If in the future, I wanted to try having short fringe again for whatever adventurous reason I might have at that moment, I would need to make it thin, and not taking too much hair.

Long layers with long side bang perhaps, because side bang is the kind that suits all. Who would I be if I don't at least try the safest choice? And basically longer. But not too long because long hair is amazing as a concept but not in practical let's be honest. It's a pain to take care of and I need to wash and condition my hair every damn day. Let's not talk about hair fall, another sign from the universe that I should avoid long hair. 

The only reason why I consider to have it longer than the sight on my head right now is that my hair curls up at the end. Sort of. This kind of hair can look unruly when you have it short, unless you blow dry your hair every day and that's just... not the kind of luxury and commitment I can take with my current lifestyle, thanks. So longer. The kind that you can tie up and be done with it whenever the mood strikes.

Eh I don't know how it will look on me, another experiment I guess.  

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